Cheez on DFW radio talking about NORML, 02.27.09

#high´s reaction to the big jihad

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{sk8ball} lsd is like childs play compared to lsd'
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{lobsey} holy shit
{lobsey} anyone watchin tv?
{octane_} yeah
{octane_} fucking crazy
{octane_} TWO PLANES!
{octane_} there is 'speculation' a american airlines plane was hijacked
{majiQue} farK
{majiQue} this is farkin crazy
{octane_} bush expected to comment soon
{lobsey} you gettin they live shits down there majizz?
{majiQue} uhuh
{octane_} i dunno what he would say, they dont know shit yet
{majiQue} i am dumbstrucK
{octane_} nyse evacuated
{octane_} hehe figured they'd say that on cnbc
{majiQue} fark
{majiQue} they rekcon it was pointed it it deliberately
{majiQue} they way it levelled n shit
{octane_} you'd figure
{majiQue} fark
{octane_} normally there wouldnt be planes within miles
{majiQue} suicide pilot
{lobsey} naw it was hijaxx't
{majiQue} yeah
{majiQue} fark
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{bEEwiTcH} hrmm
{bEEwiTcH} bad shit
{bEEwiTcH} FrZz...put cnn on
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{FrZzLeFrY} silly pilots
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{FrZzLeFrY} do they have footage of the actual crash?
{hadez-} frzzle
{bEEwiTcH} not sure...but they do of the second planes
{hadez-} guess what i found
{FrZzLeFrY} what
{bEEwiTcH} 2 planes FrZz
{hadez-} guess
{FrZzLeFrY} real opium?
{hadez-} 11 months old
{hadez-} heh
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{hadez-} i found lactone my mom never threw away
{hadez-} last night
{FrZzLeFrY} ew
{FrZzLeFrY} dump it
{greenfeen} you lucky bastard
{hadez-} haha green
{greenfeen} was it nice
{hadez-} no comment
{greenfeen} heh
{hadez-} heh
{hadez-} i picked it up
{FrZzLeFrY} were the planes really hijacked?
{hadez-} looked at it then put it back down
{hadez-} and was like
{octane_} pres bush is talking
{hadez-} no way
{hadez-} 11 months my mom kept it in that closet
{octane_} 'an apparent terrorist attack on our country'
{hadez-} what
{hadez-} the fuckin planes were hijacked?
{hadez-} as well?!
{FrZzLeFrY} were they american planes?
{greenfeen} hadez: well you know where it is now if you ever need it heh
{octane_} what a fucking goober
{hadez-} lemme turn on news
{greenfeen} frzz: i heard they had bombs
{hadez-} greenfeen, if you want any, i'll send you some
{greenfeen} sure
{hadez-} whoa
{greenfeen} it doesn't really matter tho. ive went so long without it heh
{bEEwiTcH} gr33nf33n
{hadez-} so like
{hadez-} the terrorists
{hadez-} they killed themselves
{bEEwiTcH} suicide pilots
{hadez-} kamakazie style
{bEEwiTcH} like suicide bombers
{bEEwiTcH} happens all the time in israel
*** bEEwiTcH is now known as majiQue
{greenfeen} hi majique
{majiQue} hi :)
{greenfeen} how's it going
{majiQue} not too bad
{majiQue} compared to the WTC
{hadez-} how did they get 2 pilots to do the same thing
{majiQue} just so u guys know..if u need to flee usa...u can all come stay at my house in australia
{octane_} ahah
{hadez-} mmmmm
{hadez-} that's always been one of my fav places to go
{majiQue} israelias are insane
{majiQue} israelis are insane even
{hadez-} the forests there, i just wanna run through them
{majiQue} and palestinians
{greenfeen} all those middle eastern people are
{hadez-} and find all the animals
{octane_} i wonder if they're even done for today
{majiQue} hadez...they are delicious
{hadez-} the waterfalls
{majiQue} i live about 5mins walk down into the forest
{hadez-} heh
{hadez-} awh
{hadez-} damnit
{octane_} in all this madness, now would be a good time to get some more planes
{hadez-} i wonder how much it cost
{greenfeen} australia seems like most of the land is still preserved there
{majiQue} about 600USD i think
{hadez-} if i ever go there imma visit
{majiQue} green..most of it u cant live on
{majiQue} hehe
{majiQue} most of it is desert
{majiQue} hwoever...the sydney basin is pretty much full up now :/
{greenfeen} heh
{majiQue} they've fucked it bigtime
{majiQue} the US stock market is offline
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{majiQue} gr33nf33n....australia is becoming a mini-america :/
{greenfeen} that's what i've heard
{lobsey} omg i just got the wierdest email
{greenfeen} i want to visit australia some day
{lobsey} while i'm watching this
{lobsey} i get an email from AMEriCAn airLiNES
{lobsey} Boston, MA (BOS) New York Kennedy, NY (JFK)^ $ 79
{cymeth} farkin ell
{majiQue} farken
{octane_} hahah
{majiQue} hell lobs
{lobsey} ain't that wier?D!@?
{majiQue} are u a terrorist?
{lobsey} they jUST sent it to me
{majiQue} they're trying to set u up !@!@!
{majiQue} delete it !@!@
{majiQue} its a suicide email!
{octane_} oh fuck
{octane_} bomb at the pentagon
{majiQue} are u serious??
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{greenfeen} there is a fire at the pentagon
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{octane_} holdy shit
{lobsey} omg we're fucked
{octane_} my dad works near there
{lobsey} majizz.. make room for us =[]
{majiQue} ok !!
{greenfeen} wtf is going on
{octane_} westwing of the whitehouse evacuated
{majiQue} fuck
{majiQue} a mall in washington on fire too
{cymeth} yer
{cymeth} pentagon, a mall, and the 2 trade centers
{cymeth} buildings
{majiQue} and white house on fire too
{cymeth} white house on fire??
{octane_} what/
{majiQue} uhuh
{majiQue} and being evacuated
{greenfeen} all i heard was there was smoke coming from the white house
{cymeth} i heard that it was evacuated
{hadez-} im ready to fight
{hadez-} im ready to die
* octane_ gets his baseball bat
{hadez-} for my country
{greenfeen} chaos
* octane_ loads bbgun
{hadez-} that's why god put lactone in my house last night
{octane_} i'm listening to local radio
{hadez-} i have 3 tvs on
{hadez-} cnn abc fox
{octane_} 'we can see black smoke from here'
{hadez-} pentagon fire, that, is fuckin bad.
{majiQue} jesus dudes
{majiQue} i am worried for yas :/
{hadez-} wtf
{octane_} ALL planes in the us have been grounded by the FAA
{majiQue} that wouldnt stop a hijacKoFF
{hadez-} "air force helicoptor lands in pentagon, then a flare shoots in the sky"
{majiQue} surely
{hadez-} oh
{majiQue} :(
{octane_} a small plane has crashed near the pentagon
{hadez-} air force helicopter lands
{hadez-} then an EXPLOSION
{hadez-} wtf
{hadez-} HAHA
{cymeth} wtf indeed
{cymeth} yeah!
{cymeth} like
{cymeth} fuuuck
{hadez-} dude we're getting buttfucked
{hadez-} this was maddddd planned out
{cymeth} all airports are closed
{cymeth} all bridges and tunnels in ny
{greenfeen} IT'S A CONSPIRACY!
{majiQue} its the arabz
{cymeth} its the KKK
{octane_} its MICROSOFT
{greenfeen} its those damned martians
{majiQue} its ALL YOUR BASE
{lobsey} it's the efnet packet kiddies
{greenfeen} see ya later
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{cymeth} hahahha
{majiQue} its slak
{hadez-} yo
{hadez-} bush dont fuck around
{hadez-} he's gonna nail the fuckers that did it
{majiQue} lobs...go...u must get haXxed somewhere near this spectacle
{hadez-} he's dumb, but he'll go haxx them
{lobsey} OMG bush is NUTS gettin on his plane
{octane_} he's gunna fuck them texas style
{cymeth} apparently it was a plane at the pentagon too
{lobsey} duod i was gonna go to nyc next weekend too
{hadez-} hahahahahahah octane
{majiQue} lobs..come to au instead
{majiQue} hehe
{lobsey} omg the president is crazy
{lobsey} they're showing him take off
{lobsey} majiZZ.. on my fucking way
{lobsey} but i'll hate to take a boat
{lobsey} =[]
{majiQue} hehehe true
{lobsey} er.. have
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{octane_} this caller is saying an american airlines planes crashed near the pentagon
{cymeth} yer
{cymeth} i heard that too
{hadez-} the secret service calls these events an illegal threat against the whitehouse
{hadez-} dude they're gonna bomb all the heroin in philly
{octane_} i'm less than an hour from there
{cymeth} anyone in nyc?
{cymeth} can you see the smoke?
{octane_} can i?
{octane_} nah, not that close
{octane_} heh
{octane_} my dad@work is maybe 10-15min from there
{lobsey} jesus another bldg
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{FrZzLeFrY} into fox
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{octane_} holy shit
{majiQue} i cant watch the pics
{octane_} one tower colapsed
{majiQue} building collaping
{majiQue} yeah
{octane_} sears tower evacuated
{majiQue} fark
{lobsey} did tower 2 go down?
{majiQue} collapsed a bit
{octane_} there was a third explosion there
{hadez-} everyones running
{hadez-} the smoke is filling up all of new york
{octane_} i wonder why they choose today
{majiQue} fuck
{octane_} 9-11
{hadez-} inital reaction of the president
{majiQue} it looked like it ccollapsed
{majiQue} definately i reckon
{sincere} nothing collapsed
{sincere} and the sears tower is fine
{sincere} fucking retards
{sincere} dont spread unsubstantiated rumors
{majiQue} just watching cnn :/
{cymeth} did that caller on cnn
{cymeth} say that 2 people jumped from the north building?
{hadez-} yeah people jumped off the building
{cymeth} good point, hadez
{cymeth} damn
{octane_} and the pres is in the air right now.
{majiQue} woah
{octane_} wheres the vice pres? i have heard anything about him
{hadez-} true
{octane_} probabaly underground somewhere
{cymeth} cnn just said they dont know about the vice prez
{FrZzLeFrY} hahah i just got banned from #ndallas cause i said "hahah the pentegon is on fire"
{FrZzLeFrY} ghey
{FrZzLeFrY} everyone join and make fun of the crashes
{FrZzLeFrY} avenge my ban
{sincere} frzz
{sincere} dont be an ass
{sincere} this isnt funny, retard
{FrZzLeFrY} yes it is
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{FrZzLeFrY} it's about time that someone kicked this country in it's ass..woke it up a bit
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{FrZzLeFrY} everyone make fun of the crashes'
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{sincere}i like cock almost as much as watching a plane crash'
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{octane_} tool - aenema.mp3
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{octane_} learn to swim motherfuckers
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{FrZzLeFrY} ohh now we must have "taste" cause sincere says so
{sincere} dude
{majiQue} FrZz..cmon
{majiQue} its not funny really
{sincere} i harldy see how this is funny in any way
{majiQue} its tragic
{sincere} you fucking ape
{majiQue} its senseless
{sincere} fucking sand niggers
{octane_} i feel some urgent need to put my shoes on
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{sincere} /msg magiQue he looks like a fucking neanderthal;too
{sincere} ahahaha
{sincere} our country needs to address this
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{pvah} OMG
{melf} heh
{melf} holy SHIT
{melf} can you fuckign believe this ??
{majiQue} yep
{majiQue} up the ass
{melf} pentagon and world trade cent er///
{octane_} good fucking morning.
{sincere} yeah
{melf} [09:08]
{burn420} 2 planes
{melf} [09:08]
{burn420} crashed into both world trade centers
{melf} [09:08]
{burn420} and 1 in the
{melf} [09:08]
{burn420} pentagon
*** majiQue changes topic to 'Everyones invited to majiQues place'
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{melf} [09:08]
{burn420} 2nd world trade center complete fell
{melf} [09:08]
{Mr-X} the state department is also on fire
{pvah} All airlines have been shut down
{melf} holy SHIT
{pvah} the market has been shut down
{pvah} washington has been shut down
{lobsey} melf
{melf} we're FUCKED
{pvah} i think the US is gonna retaliate
{melf} haha
{lobsey} jEA
{lobsey} if you're willing to die,
{lobsey} you can take out ANYTHINg
{octane_} learn to swim.
{melf} the US is going to wipe some palestinians off the face of the earth
{lobsey} duod
{FrZzLeFrY} this country all high and mighty thinking they can do what they want when they want thinking we are untouchable...i say it's a good eye opener
{cymeth} where and what is capitol hill?}
{pvah} fgrrz: i think it was bound to happen
{pvah} one of the world trade center towers collapesed
{pvah} so many people are dead
{octane_} its impossible to understand anything on the radio
{pvah} the 2nd one is about to collapse
{sincere} a good eye opener
{sincere} ha
{octane_} they have to keep cuttin to other feeds with moronic morning djs talking over it
{sincere} frzz is happy about it
{melf} heh
{melf} you fucking idiot
{melf} frizz
{melf} use your head
{sincere} no shit
{sincere} so what if we're 'high and mighty'
{melf} oh my god
{melf} the usa is getting corn holed right now i think
{sincere} the reason for this attack has nothing to do with that
{sincere} its islamic fanatics
{sincere} insane people
{FrZzLeFrY} i'm not happy about it..i just think it was a long time coming is all
{sincere} dude
{pvah} wow
{melf} dude shut the fuck up
{sincere} what about the last WTC bombing
{melf} who the fuck do you think you are
{sincere} theres major terrorist attacks every year
*** sincere sets mode: +o melf
{majiQue} its fucking horrible
{pvah} this is the greatest terrorist attack of all time i must say
{FrZzLeFrY} i am me..andi have my right to opinion
{melf} and your opinion stinks
{pvah} blowing up and entire fucking building
{melf} yes pvah
{FrZzLeFrY} but they are still mine
{sincere} frizz shut up
* majiQue packs a huge bowl :(
{pvah} george bush is prolly hiding in some underground bunker
{sincere} you have the intellect of a fucking 3 year old
{lobsey} pvah
{octane_} i dont even have any weed
{melf} i wonder how long until we look up and see f16's over every major city
{octane_} i'm not going out like this
{lobsey} he just boarded a fucking plane
{lobsey} which is idiotic
{sincere} your opinions mean nothing to an educated person
{majiQue} FrZz...u cant seriously beleive thousands of innocent ppl deserved to die?
{pvah} man the whole city of new york is in smoke
{octane_} i dont want fucking be near dc right now.
{lobsey} you know these fuckers have been planning this for months
{FrZzLeFrY} never said it was deserved
{majiQue} ppl of your own country
{pvah} the news guy said hopefully nobody died
{sincere} what if it happened in Texas, frizz?
{pvah} did he think the world trade center was empty?
{FrZzLeFrY} why should it matter where it happened
{FrZzLeFrY} the fact happened
{octane_} 50,000 people were at the trade center at the time of the bombing
{majiQue} i heard more octane :/
{melf} i'm hearing booms
{melf} what the fuck
{majiQue} 150,000 ppl just visit there daily
{melf} brb
{sincere} [09:08am]
{FrZzLeFrY} everyone join and make fun of the crashes
{sincere} [09:08am]
{FrZzLeFrY} avenge my ban
{FrZzLeFrY} aww sincere..get over it homo
{majiQue} its sick
{melf} hol yshit time to call my boy in new york
{octane_} i need to reboot and get on icq and see if my friend is on from work in dc
{pvah} im waiting around to see the other tower crash
{melf} oh my god
{FrZzLeFrY} heh
{melf} this is horrid
{pvah} the said the 2nd one is about to fall
{pvah} this is like a movie
{pvah} man....
{majiQue} its bad
{sincere} very bads
{sincere} bad
{pvah} Bin Laden told the US goverment he didnt do this
{pvah} and that he is apalled
{sincere} yeah sure
{melf} whatever
{melf} he's fucked regardless
{melf} we are going to vaporize his ass
{hadez-} part of the pentagon just collapsed
{sincere} we'd fucking better
{FrZzLeFrY} we gonna send in the seals to cut his throat
{pvah} A car bomb just exploded in front of the state department!!!!!!!!!!
{pvah} stay out of major cities!!!!!!
{pvah} A car bomb just exploded in front of the state department!!!!!!!!!!
{FrZzLeFrY} maybe now the u.s. will realize that weed isn't so bad...and they'll go ahead and legalize it
{hadez-} bush gets made fun of, but he doesn't fuck around when shit like this happens
{FrZzLeFrY} heh
{hadez-} haha
{hadez-} that's all frzz is thinkin bout
{pvah} Another plane was hijacked
{hadez-} i hope philly doesn't get hit
{hadez-} or i'm dead
{pvah} its 20 miles outside of washington dc!!!!!
{hadez-} all planes are shut down
{lobsey} all in bound international flights diverted to canada
{FrZzLeFrY} my roomies were supposed to fly to disney world tomorrow
{lobsey} duod i'm so glad i'm not still in rio
{lobsey} i'd be fucked there for a month
{hadez-} whoa
{majiQue} COME TO AU!
{pvah} I wonder what they are gonna do about that plane still in the air
{hadez-} a car bomb did explode
{pvah} i wonder if they are gonna shoot it down
{FrZzLeFrY} i wonder when bruce willis is gonna kick off his shoes and save us
{hadez-} haha
{hadez-} dude
{hadez-} this was set up so well
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{FrZzLeFrY} yippie kye aye mutha fucka
*** octane has joined #higher
{hadez-} oh shit
{hadez-} people on fox news
{hadez-} the other building is gonna colllapse
{darker} I guess the middle east didnt like MJ returning to the NBA
{craqr} hahahahahahaha
{hadez-} "at least 15 people jump out of world trade center buildings"
{lobsey} duod who else thinks bush is fucking crazy for getting on af1?
{pvah} another plane is about to attack!
{hadez-} secpmd nio;domg kist cp;;a[sed
{hadez-} er
{lobsey} what chan you watching pval?
{hadez-} second building just collapsed
{sk8ball} HOLY FUCK
{hadez-} oh my lord
{pvah} nbc5
{cymeth} ?
{pvah} omg
{FrZzLeFrY} hahahah
{cymeth} THE second one collapsed?
{pvah} this is devastating
{craqr} pvahis watching replays
{lobsey} oh shit.. 2nd tower
{craqr} holy shit
{sk8ball} UHH UHHH UHHH
{FrZzLeFrY} has not begun
{FrZzLeFrY} not = now
{sk8ball} DUST
{sk8ball} DUST
{hadez-} i wonder if nyc tihkal is dead
{pvah} these pictures are horrific
{hadez-} they really are
{pvah} New york city is covered in dust
{pvah} our country is at a standstill
{hadez-} people look like they went through winter wonderland
{hadez-} but its ash
{hadez-} i saw the people running from the first one
{FrZzLeFrY} pvah..what pics are u looking at
{craqr} who declared war
{hadez-} holy fuck look at those pictures
{lobsey} PVAL
{lobsey} what are you watching?
{hadez-} everything is covered with smoke
{hadez-} the whole fuckin city
{majiQue} fark
{FrZzLeFrY} man..i'd hate to live in the middle east right about now
{pvah} lobsey NBC
{lobsey} "WE HAVE WORD THAT there were A COUPLE OF PEOPLE IN THE BUILDING as it went down"
{lobsey} uhh
{lobsey} try 30,000
{hadez-} this reporter was talking then everyone started running
{hadez-} heh
{majiQue} fuck
{majiQue} or more
{hadez-} car bombs going off
{hadez-} helocopters crashing
{FrZzLeFrY} 30,000 ppl were still in the 2nd building when it went down???
{pvah} these look like pictures from WWIII
{hadez-} pentagon bombed
{lobsey} frizz... at least
{lobsey} there's no way they could evacuate that bldg in 30 mins
{hadez-} there's 50,000 in each building
{hadez-} approx
{hadez-} well that work there
{majiQue} could this be the work of McVeigh?
{majiQue} his last final STAB
{hadez-} they mentioned him
{FrZzLeFrY} i think we are gonna bomb the middle east into non exsistance
{FrZzLeFrY} haha i'm s ure this has nothing to do with mcveigh
{pvah} yeah
{hadez-} i think we should bomb the rest of the world, except australia of course *cough*
{majiQue} yeah
{majiQue} just take over australia..u are anyway ;P
{pvah} We are in war now
{octane} 'we must find the folks who commited this act'
{pvah} we declared war
{FrZzLeFrY} if noone exsisted but the us...we would be in a world of hurt
{FrZzLeFrY} EVERYTHIGN would be illegal
{hadez-} we didn't declare war
{craqr} car bomb at state dept
{octane} there was an alert warning the pentagon last friday
*** Disconnected End of #higher buffer Tue Sep 11 09:35:59 2001